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Highline Beaker 7mm 36cm Rick and Morty
Brand new!
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Mini Traveler Acrylic Bong 18cm
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DIPSE Dab Scale 100g
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Heisenberg Universal Aluminium Chillum 18.8 -> 14.5
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Heisenberg silicone pot with glass sieve 18,8
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Black Leaf titanium nail
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Illex Downpipe 18.8
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J-Ware Cones with Conemaker
Brand new!
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Grace Glass Bong "Lewd Green Lucy" 35cm
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Solid wooden Pipe with soapstone screen
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Polynator Resin Extractor 150g
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head&nature headCooler Pre-Cooler 14,5
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Volcano Vaporizer Digit with Easy Valve Set
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Weedstar Remax White-Line 30 cm
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eztest Tube for Ketamine, PMA/PMMA, Amphetamine, Ecstasy
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head&nature headBowl mini bong, 9 cm
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Supply your high! We offer you a gigantic choice of smoking accessories, paraphernalia and growing equipment - delivered all throughout Europe quickly and safely and at the best price.

Not only do we offer tried and tested products from the world of bongs and smoking equipment, but we are always on the lookout for the latest trends from the world of smokable delights and new means for their consumption.

head & nature has been one of the largest Online Head and Grow Shops in Germany for 20 years. Founded in 1997 in Kassel, the mail order business soon really got going at the Bavarian location in Regensburg. Since then, we have always focused on innovation and quality in our business processes - modern storage methods, flexible goods management systems, fast international shipping - we got it all covered.

Our product range now includes pipes, vaporizers, grinders, papers, blunts, zip bags, digital scales and all kinds of accessories. Our shelves probably hold the largest selection of bongs and related water pipes ever seen by a human eye. Grow boxes are also available: Homebox is currently one of the most popular items in our growshop. In addition we also have grow lighting, activated carbon filters, fans, pollinators, fertilizers and nutrients - and everything else for indoor and outdoor cultivation as well. Add a pinch of shisha and lifestyle, the headshop is ready!

What is a head shop anyway?

Probably the first headshop in today's sense was located in San Francisco, in the artists' quarter Haight-Ashbury. Its name was "Psychedelic Shop" and it sold all kinds of accessories the hippie culture needed for everyday use: glass pipes, rolling papers, psychedelic music, incense sticks, coloured cloths, paraphernalia of all kinds. A few months later, the "Head Shop" opened in New York, which gave this new facility its current name.
But where does this name come from? Some derive it from the deadheads, the cult started by Grateful Dead fans, others refer to the terms "pot head" and "acid head" for users of mind-expanding substances.
Even today, head shops - partly out of nostalgia and partly as a statement - still sell incense, batik cloths and Bob Marley shirts, but they are often rather smoke shops, i. e. shops for special smoking accessories such as water pipes or vaporizers. Sometimes they can be found as combined retailers with record stores, cafés or e-cigarette-liquid stores, but often they are also - especially in the headshop capital Amsterdam - clearly defined stoner shops, whose accessories and equipment are geared to this lifestyle.

Smoking culture is a societal phenomenon, and serious smokers nowadays are hard to distinguish from occasional or party smokers, especially when it comes to clichés of hippies, communards and rastafari. A modern smoke shop takes all this into account and offers not only the classic Ganja and Bob Marley articles with a high recognition value, but mainly serious and sleekly designed smoking accessories for adults.
Vaporizers in particular are an expression of this development. With their high efficiency and medically proven effectiveness, they have become the means of choice for herbal evaporation for many people who have outgrown the home-rolled blunt.

In addition, the Smartshop, which is rather rare in most European countries, is also a related phenomenon. It offers various plant preparations, dietary supplements, teas and infusions, oils and scented sachets, all of which promise an active effect on human consciousness, but whose ingredients are not subject to the prohibition of the narcotics law, as is the case with THC, the most important active component of cannabis or marijuana plants.

Despite its specialisation in the smoke sector, a modern headshop cannot do without accessories for plant breeding. Of course, this is not just about growing tobacco, which tends to be a niche activity. Making smoke blends from home-grown herbs is the logical consequence of a serious study of active ingredients and modes of action - urban and indoor gardening, which many consider to be a short-lived trend, proves it.

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