Ehle Yellow Swarm 2.0 5mm
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Ehle Yellow Swarm 2.0 5mm

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Ehle Yellow Swarm 2.0 5mm
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Ehle Yellow Swarm 5mm
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This 51cm Bong is at present the most complex creation of the glass blower Thomas Ehle. The thick glass and the large 18.8mm joint size guarantee best smoking performance. A compartment for ice cubes provides for an additional cooling of the smoke.
All parts are produced completely in manual labor, no lab glass-standard parts are applied. Pure-white colorless Borosilicate glass is processed absolutely free of tension and is refined to a glass work of art. The 5mm glass strength is also maintained at the junctions of connector and bowl, so they are not prone to break. CNC-steered high precision manufacturing guarantees highest accuracy. All Ehle Bongs can be repaired again and again. If the bong, against all odds, should break, please contact us.

The Ehle Bong is richly decorated in numerous details:

The EHLE signature of this bong is sandblasted like an embossment and polished.

The colored applications at the mouth piece, shot hole, ice compartment, connection and bowl are made from a warmly yellow and night blue glass and worked in.

The base is manufactured in a complex multi-level procedure from thick glass. At the base the Bong is additionally provided with an embossing, which makes it unmistakable. In addition an original signature of the master is at the base and at the downpipe parts.

Right above the ice notches is an application similar to a hologram with a hemp leaf.

The diffusor has numerous little holes at the very end of the stem. That guarantees precise inhaling and is hardly audible too. The sound of an EHLE diffusor is very unique.

  • Round Base
  • Plug-in System with Downpipe (Diffusor) and Bowl
  • approx. 50 cm Height
  • sandblasted and polished Signature
  • Ice Notches
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50 cm
Joint size:
18,8 mm
Ice compartment
Ice Bongs Glass Smoke 18,8mm Water pipe

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