Glass Ice Bongs

Ice bongs are water pipes with special compartments (or notches) for ice cubes. This cools down the smoke for a mild taste.
Boost Pro Beaker ICE green
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Glass Bong Easy 35cm 18.8
{"list_position":1,"systype":"article","name":"Glass Bong Easy 35cm 18.8","id":"MA-13200","list_name":"tree-3008"}
Grace Glass 'Cheech & Chong'  - 40cm
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GHODT Bong 'Glowing Beaker' 35cm
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Jelly Joker 'Massive Surpreme' Beaker Bong
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Black Leaf Ice Bong 'Drumperc' 30cm
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head&nature headVortex Ice Bong 14,5 35 cm
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Highline Bong "Wild Wild Perc" 39cm
Hot stuff
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Grace Glass Bong 'Striped Series'
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Thug Life 'OG' Percolator Bong 35cm
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Grace Glass Cheech & Chong 'High Rollers' 40cm
Brand new!
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Jelly Joker 'Aphrocan' 40cm
Brand new!
{"list_position":11,"systype":"article","name":"Jelly Joker 'Aphrocan' 40cm","id":"15510","list_name":"tree-3008"}
An Ice Bong offers a special compartment for ice cubes. Often these are ice notches or an ice twist in the neck/body of the bong, where ice cubes can be placed and subsequently cool the smoke.

Cooling makes the smoke smoother and more pleasant. Furthermore, some of the bigger particles of the smoke are filtered out by the ice cubes.

If you use ice cubes it is necessary to watch the water level in the bong. On account of the ice cubes melting the level rises and may get too high for proper smoking.
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