Heisenberg Bongs

Heisenberg is the successor brand to the legendary Weedstar series and continues - but not exclusively - the old product line. Many old bong models can still be offered, but also quite a lot of innovation and fresh design is regularly added to the
Heisenberg Beaker Bubble Single Perc 29,2
{"list_position":0,"systype":"article","name":"Heisenberg Beaker Bubble Single Perc 29,2","id":"14450","list_name":"tree-37100"}
Heisenberg Payday 18,8
{"list_position":1,"systype":"article","name":"Heisenberg Payday 18,8","id":"MA-14415","list_name":"tree-37100"}
Heisenberg Bitch 18,8
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{"list_position":2,"systype":"article","name":"Heisenberg Bitch 18,8","id":"MA-14449","list_name":"tree-37100"}
Heisenberg  Beaker Bubble Matrix 18,8
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{"list_position":3,"systype":"article","name":"Heisenberg Beaker Bubble Matrix 18,8","id":"14418","list_name":"tree-37100"}
Heisenberg FAT Joe - 50cm high / 29.2mm connection
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{"list_position":4,"systype":"article","name":"Heisenberg FAT Joe - 50cm high / 29.2mm connection","id":"06471","list_name":"tree-37100"}
Heisenberg Messiah Illusion "Ghetto Bitch" 50cm
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{"list_position":5,"systype":"article","name":"Heisenberg Messiah Illusion \"Ghetto Bitch\" 50cm","id":"06469","list_name":"tree-37100"}
series. So Ziggi's friends can breathe a sigh of relief.
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