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Honey Bee Extractor

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There is nothing as simple as that. With the
Honey Bee Extractor you get your own oil from your stash or hash within one hour. No bad smells, no need to do a big clean up. Works without heater.

Instructions for Honey Bee Extractor

First of all, please avoid in connection with the Honey Bee Extractor the following:

  • 1.Smoking
  • fire nearby.
  • 3.opening the tube while filling in butane.
  • inhaling of the vapors.
  • 5.leaving the process unattended.
  • 6.extracting indoors without proper ventilation.
  • 7.loose clothes.
  • 8.The manufacturer also recommends safety glasses and fireproof gloves.

For the extraction with the Honey Bee Extractor you need:
  • - a pyrex bowl (-40 bis +100 °C)
  • - 1 can (150g) Butane gas (lighter refill)
  • - 3-28 gramm herb (bone dry).

Instruction for the use of the Honey Bee Extractor:

  • 1. Fill the ground shake/trim/bud (or combination thereof) into the plastic tube (not too muchl).
  • 2. Put the filter into the cap of the tube and make sure the extractor is closed.
  • 3. Hold the extractorfilter-side down over a bowl, i.e. the end with the single hole is on top, the five other openings on the bottom.
  • 4. Fit the tip of the butane can into the single hole and press down hard until the can is empty. Wait about 30 seconds or so for the butane and the extract to flow out the bottom of the Extractor. T
  • 5. Wait for the butane to evaporate completely, approx. 20 minutes. To speed up the evaporation, put the bowl into another bowl of warm water.
  • 6. Scrape the oil off the bowl.

Attention:some kinds of herbs (rose buds) need an additional emulgator.

In addition, the manufacturer offers a demo-video Honey Bee Extractor (also on Youtube)
Please read the following disclaimer:

For your safety and the safety of all others follow all safety precautions at all times. This video is for informational purposes only. By viewing this video you are agreeing to the inherent dangers and consequences that may result by performing this process and assume any and all liability arising from the dangers of performing this process and agree to not hold or Honey Bee Extractors liable in any way shape or form. Always provide adequate ventillation throughout the process. Do not smoke any where near the entire process from START to FINISH. Keep all sparks and flames at least 100' away from the entire area. This is not intended for illegal purposes in any country. No illegal substances were used to create this video. Above all, use common sense
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Honey Bee
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honey bee

5 of 5 stars
by mary on 12/2/14

great item works good

Overfilled Bee

4 of 5 stars
by Jighalo on 4/29/15

Worked fine. Just don't put too much in it. Handle it with care :D

No Title

3 of 5 stars
by Louie on 2/4/08

I have just bought one and i was looking for some good information on how to do it good

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