Micro Mini Bong

Small, but with plenty of power! Bongs of the Micro brand are ideal companions for tours and excursions. Absolute lightweights that serve their purpose. But also perfectly suited for the cosy train on the couch at home.
Micro 16cm Glass Bong 14,5
{"list_position":0,"systype":"article","name":"Micro 16cm Glass Bong 14,5","id":"14528","list_name":"tree-37111"}
Micro Hangover Bong 16cm
{"list_position":1,"systype":"article","name":"Micro Hangover Bong 16cm","id":"14832","list_name":"tree-37111"}
Micro Bong bent 18cm 14,5
{"list_position":2,"systype":"article","name":"Micro Bong bent 18cm 14,5","id":"14826","list_name":"tree-37111"}
Micro Bong BB 18cm
{"list_position":3,"systype":"article","name":"Micro Bong BB 18cm","id":"07900","list_name":"tree-37111"}
Micro Bong with 2 Bellies 22 cm
{"list_position":4,"systype":"article","name":"Micro Bong with 2 Bellies 22 cm","id":"12251","list_name":"tree-37111"}
Micro Bong with Belly 21 cm
{"list_position":5,"systype":"article","name":"Micro Bong with Belly 21 cm","id":"12018","list_name":"tree-37111"}
Micro Bong VK II - 14cm
{"list_position":6,"systype":"article","name":"Micro Bong VK II - 14cm","id":"10063","list_name":"tree-37111"}
Micro Bong B 2 - 16cm
{"list_position":7,"systype":"article","name":"Micro Bong B 2 - 16cm","id":"07979","list_name":"tree-37111"}
Micro Bong VK I - 14 cm
{"list_position":8,"systype":"article","name":"Micro Bong VK I - 14 cm","id":"07898","list_name":"tree-37111"}
Micro Bong C 10cm
{"list_position":9,"systype":"article","name":"Micro Bong C 10cm","id":"07353","list_name":"tree-37111"}
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