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150W HPS/MH lighting kits with Lumatek ballast - various versions

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150W HPS/MH lighting kits with Lumatek ballast - various versions
150W HPS/MH lighting kits with Lumatek ballast - various versions #0
Deep Beam Growth & Bloom
Deep Beam Growth & Bloom
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apx. £161.19
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Deep Beam Bloom
Deep Beam Bloom
148.95 € *
apx. £133.42
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Deep Beam Growth
Deep Beam Growth
161.95 € *
apx. £145.07
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Adjust-A-Wings Growth &  Bloom
Temporarily out of stock
Adjust-A-Wings Growth & Bloom
217.95 € *
apx. £195.23
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Adjust-A-Wings Bloom
Temporarily out of stock
Adjust-A-Wings Bloom
181.95 € *
apx. £162.98
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Adjust-A-Wings Growth
Temporarily out of stock
Adjust-A-Wings Growth
194.95 € *
apx. £174.63
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Horticultural lighting Indoor growing HPS Plant lighting  Lighting kit MH


Our lighting sets with 150W lamps are particularly suitable for lighting small areas. They are also very well suited for overwintering or mother plant keeping. Thanks to the high quality Lumatek ballast, these sets are also very durable and economical.

Our HPS/MH Kits with 150 watts are split into three different lamps variants: As a growth or bloom set each with matching lamps or as a complete package with one growth and flowering bulb each.
Also, there are two different reflectors to choose: a high-quality Adjust-A-Wings reflector for wider illumination and a Deep Beam reflector for intensive illumination of small areas.

A suspension kit for the reflector is possibly required to operate this set. It can be found in the accessories section below.

Looking for a different combination or want to exchange some parts of the kit? No problem, simply send an email to our customer support, we are happy to help.


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