2m² Cool Tube Growing Kit 400W complete
2m² Cool Tube Growing Kit 400W complete #0

2m² Cool Tube Growing Kit 400W complete

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This Grow Kit contains all techniqual equipment that you might need for cultivation.

It is particularly interesting for growers with an own room or grow tent.
It contains an exhaust kit as well as the lighting and the fitting containers.
With a little technical talent-in case of doubt ask an electrician-you can start your own plant breeding under artificial light with this kit.
As a presupposition for a successful breeding you need a space with at least the dimensions of :
1.5m height, 1.20m width and 1.2m length, otherwise the construction of this structure is not possible.

This kit comes with:

2 x Ballast 400W
You need that ballast to ignite the light bulb.
2 x Cord Set
This cord set consists of a net cord for the power connection of the ballast and a flexible cord for the connection of the reflector to the ballast.
2 x Cool Tube 125mm - 400mm Length
This hard glass reflector with a textured interior and additional outer reflector distributes the light optimally and helps to prevent a possible heat build-up.
8m Aluminium Duct Hose
This duct hose is very durable. It is needed for the exhaust in order to remove excess heat and odor from the room. It is flexible and thus can be easily installed in any room.
1 x Activated Charcoal Filter 400m³
This activated charcoal filter with a 125mm connection has a prefilter fleece and lasts for about 12 months.
1 x Systemair Inline Duct Fan 125mm - 355m²
Fits the activated charcoal filter perfectly. Please keep the following order when assembling:
Put the activated charcoal filter into the corner of the room. Attach the fan with a hose clamp onto the filter and then connect the flexible aluminium duct hose to the Cool Tube.
2m low-noise Duct Hose SonoDec
This hose connects the Cool Tube with the wall. It reduces the noise.
8 x Duct Hose Clamp
You need these hose clamps to attach the duct hose to the filter or fan and Cool Tube.
2 x Philips HPI-T 400W Light Bulb
Light bulb particulary for the vegetative phase.
2 x Philips Son-T Plus 400W
This light bulb should be used in the flowering phase for best results.
40 Containers - ca. 6L
This containers can be used until the crop.
1 x Wall Flange 125mm
You need this if your duct hose goes through a wall.
There is no protective grid but you can certainly attach one if needed on the outer wall.
2 x Easy Rolls 2 pcs.
Easy Rolls for the adjustable mounting of the reflector. When the fan is working the plants should be placed at a distance of approx. 20cm to the reflector.
Power Plug/Cord
For the power connection of the fan.
Timer Omnirex

Regulates the lighting at the TRM Power Booster.

Please pay attention:

Important is that the ventilator blows through the cool tube. If the ventilator sucks in the hot air from the cool tube, the wings will be bent and the ventilator gets broken.
In addition, take care of the fleece of the activated charcoal filter. Shake it out and clean it from time to time.
Apart from that, there are no limits to your creativity.
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