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400W HPS/MH lighting kits with ETI ballast - various versions

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400W HPS/MH lighting kits with ETI ballast - various versions
400W HPS/MH lighting kits with ETI ballast - various versions #0
Stucco Dual
Stucco Dual
69.95 € *
apx. £61.32
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Stucco Growth & Bloom
Stucco Growth & Bloom
82.95 € *
apx. £72.72
{"list_position":1,"systype":"article","name":"Stucco Growth & Bloom","id":"BEL-0082","list_name":"articlelist"}
Stucco Bloom
Stucco Bloom
64.95 € *
apx. £56.94
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Stucco Growth
Stucco Growth
66.95 € *
apx. £58.69
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Diamond Dual
Temporarily out of stock
Diamond Dual
97.95 € *
apx. £85.87
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Diamond Growth & Bloom
Temporarily out of stock
Diamond Growth & Bloom
107.95 € *
apx. £94.63
{"list_position":5,"systype":"article","name":"Diamond Growth & Bloom","id":"BEL-0085","list_name":"articlelist"}
Diamond Bloom
Temporarily out of stock
Diamond Bloom
88.95 € *
apx. £77.98
{"list_position":6,"systype":"article","name":"Diamond Bloom","id":"BEL-0084","list_name":"articlelist"}
Diamond Growth
Temporarily out of stock
Diamond Growth
91.95 € *
apx. £80.61
{"list_position":7,"systype":"article","name":"Diamond Growth","id":"BEL-0083","list_name":"articlelist"}
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Indoor growing MH HPS Plant lighting  Lighting kit Horticultural lighting


400W HPS and MH lamps are by far the most popular bulbs for home growing. They are suitable for most grow tents, provide very good light output and an excellent price / performance ratio.

Our 400W sets are available with four different lamps variants: With a flower bulb, a growth bulb, one each of the two light bulbs for optimal results and in a dual variant for the entire lifecycle.
We also offer the sets with two different reflectors: a standard Stuco and a Diamond reflector which is optimized for square areas.

A power kit and possibly a suspension kit for the reflector is required to operate this set. Both can be found in the accessories section below.

Looking for a different combination or want to exchange some parts of the kit? No problem, simply send an email to our customer support, we are happy to help.


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