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AQUAbox Spyder

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AQUAbox Straight Set
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AQUAbox Spyder
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The AQUAbox Spyder Complete Kit is a brilliant idea for the automatic watering of plants in the raised bed, directly in the garden soil and the small greenhouse.

The Aquabox is simply set up at an appropriate point in the ground and connected to a rain barrel or other water tank using the supplied micro tube.
Inside the Aquabox, there is the water dispenser Aqua Valve through which the box constantly refills itself with water. The water flows over 12 capillary irrigation strips that reach out into the earth from the side of the Aquabox like spider legs, hence the name.
Plant roots automatically grow towards the areas in the ground where more water is available and reach the water- soaked capillaries by themselves.

The Aquabox Spyder Complete set consists of the following components:
  • 1x Aquabox Spyder
  • 1x Aqua Valve water distribution unit
  • 1 water-level
  • 1 roll of 6m of irrigation capillary strips
  • 2 m micro tubing (6 mm)
  • 1 sealing rubber plug (6mm diameter)
  • 1 insertion filter (16 mm to 6 mm)

Technical details :
  • outer dimensions: 21 x 20 cm (length x width)
  • Material: UV-resistant plastic
  • sufficient for the irrigation of approximately 1,2 m²
  • for larger areas, more aqua boxes can be connected together and then connected to a water tank

Your water tank should preferably be at least 15 cm higher above ground than the aquabox Spyder. When using a 100 liter tank, the manufacturer guarantees a sufficient irrigation for 14 days.
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