Canna Bio Terra Plus, 50 liters
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Canna Bio Terra Plus, 50 liters

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Canna Bio Terra Plus is a 100% organic blend specifically developed for the ecological and / or biological farmer.

This substrat is the best cultivation soil in it's kind.
It is the first certified eco soil (Control Union Certifications) composed of the best and most expensive types of white peats.

Canna Bio Terra Plus contains slow-release fertilisers which are released according to the needs of the plant.
Thus the plant has always the optimal amount of nutrition.
Through this simple but effective system, the less experienced gardeners can achieve great results using Cann Bio Terra Plus.

  • Loosen the substrat before filling the pot.
  • Airily fill the pot half, place the plant in the middle and then fill the pot completely.
  • Add water. Possibly add Canna Rhicotonic to improve rooting.
  • Water with nutrient solution after the first initial drought preferably with the appropriate fertilisers such as Canna Bio Vega and Canna Bio Flores.
  • Nitrogen (N): 135 mg/l
  • Phosphorus (P): 85 mg/L
  • Potassium (K): 100 mg/l
  • pH-value: 5,8
  • EC-value: 1.0 mS/cm
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Gute Erde = Gute Blüte

5 of 5 stars
by Becxa on 10/11/13

Dies ist definitiv die beste Erde die ich je verwendet habe. Die Zusammensetzung bietet eine solide Basis auf der man seine Pflanzen hegen und pflegen kann.

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