CarbonActive HomeLine Granulate - various sizes
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CarbonActive HomeLine Granulate - various sizes

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The CarbonActive HomeLine Granulate activated carbon filter is a variation of the popular HomeLine standard version. Unlike the standard version, this model of the CarbonActive filter does not use a filter fleece, but coconut-based activated carbon.

Although this increases the weight of the filter, it also ensures that the Carbon Active HomeLine Granulate can withstand a significantly higher relative humidity without losing any filtering capacity. Of course the HomeLine Granulate is also provided with the useful integrated hanging hooks.
Also, it is now possible by means of reducers to adjust the size of the flange to the exhaust system used.

The Filter

This Swiss Activated Carbon Filter neutralizes and absorbs 100% of odours.
The HomeLine Granulate series is filled with high-quality coconut-based activated carbon. Activated carbon from coconut shells is proven to be the most efficient means to filter unwanted gases and odors. In addition, it is tougher and therefore releases significantly less coal dust than othermaterials.
Activated charcoal made from coconuts is a natural product without chemical additives. As a renewable resource it is therefore ecologically suited to protect fossil resources and work in a sustainable manner.
Due to the unique pore arrangement of activated coconut carbon, the filter is able to withstand a high relative humidity.

Other advantages of this activated carbon filter by CarbonActive include:
  • * longer durability
  • * neutralizes odors 100%
  • * minimal pressure loss
  • * no pulverized carbon in the air
  • * easy installation
  • * easy to dispose
  • * special pre-filter

The Pre-Filter

The larger substances in the air get trapped in the coarse particulate air filter so the fine particulate air filter won't get clogged. The latter holds back substances larger than 0.4µm (0.0004mm).

This pre-filter substantially prolongs the lifetime of the CarbonActive filter since particles bigger than 0.4µm would damage the pore openings.
Never operate the filter without pre-filter. This would heavily impair the quality and durability.
The pre-filter has a special hook and loop fastener so there's no need to dismantle the CarbonActive filter for a pre-filter change.

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