Cold water/Ice extraction - 3 bags
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Cold water/Ice extraction - 3 bags

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Cold water/Ice extraction 19 litres - 7 bags
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Cold water/Ice extraction - 7 bags
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Cold water/Ice extraction 19 litres - 3 bags
Temporarily out of stock
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Cold water/Ice extraction - 3 bags
Temporarily out of stock
{"list_position":3,"systype":"article","name":"Cold water/Ice extraction - 3 bags","id":"04081-2ER","list_name":"articlelist"}
This simple and ingenious construction produces premium bubble hash, inexpensive and without any chemicals.

Dimensions: Diameter: 15 cm,
Comes with the following mesh screens: 1x 25 micron, 1 x 73micron, 1 x 190micron
What you need in addition:
3 buckets
1 spatula or a plastic card
1 electric mixer or blender
ice cubes
and these filter bags (included)


1. Put your trimmings and buds into a bucket filled with very cold water. Add the ice cubes
2. blend this 10-30 minutes
3. Let it stand for about 30 minutes, continually add ice since the colder the better.
4. Put the filter bag 1 (190micron) into a new bucket. Pour in the watered plants, it will look green and foamy. The plant mush may be used a second time.
5. Repeat the process, starting with a large-meshed filter bag, then the finer-meshed one and so on. Always put the screen into a new bucket and fill in the green colored water.
6. What remains in the bags is a brownish-green mud. Scrape it off with a spatula or plastic card and let it dry... That's it!
The finer the filter, the lesser the final amount - but it is also more potent!
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They do their job

5 of 5 stars
by Cpt.Evergreen on 5/19/16

Was the first bags i used and im happy with what i got.


4 of 5 stars
by J on 2/29/16

I did get a good amount of nice quality extract BUT the stuff just went straight through the bags and colored the water black. I had to boil the remaing water and separate the extract from that.

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