Ecolizer Bloom up - 5000ml
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Ecolizer Bloom up - 5000ml

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Ecolizer Bloom up - 5000ml
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Ecolizer Bloom-Up is the ideal formula to stimulate the growth of flowers and fruits, with an unequalled power as compared to other products.

Natural ingredients like seaweed and plant extracts, plus the added enzymes ensure a beautiful blooming phase and stimulate the forming of sprouts.

Natural plant hormones, (cytokinines and auxines) and more than 30 trace-elements ensure the stimulation of flower forming. Extra antioxidants (biotine, tocopherol, choline and carotene) produce firm buds. This way, you can enjoy a higher output of an exceptional quality.

A balanced mix of trace-elements limits the chance of diseases and fungi as the immune system of the plant is reinforced. Tests have shown that the use of Ecolizer Bloom-Up reduces plant stress caused by climatology circumstances.

Concentration = 1: 5000.

The active ingredients in Ecolizer Bloom-Up have been registered and are admissible in agreement with appendix II of the EC directive no. 2092/91 concerning biological growth methods.
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