GHE - Diamond Nectar 5 Liter
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GHE - Diamond Nectar 5 Liter

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GHE - Diamond Nectar 5 Liter
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Diamond Nectar is a valuable fulvic acid extract, rich in organic and mineral nutrients. It has a growth-stimulating effect. Thanks to its regulatory effect and ionic exchange capacity:
  • It improves uptake and utilization of nutrients and minerals by growing plants
  • It transports nutrients to all plant parts: roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits
  • It offers to growers the benefits of natural organic fertilizers in liquid form
  • No matter if hydroponics or soil, Diamond Nectar helps to achieve a natural environment

Diamond Nectar is suitable for all crops.
In combination with conventional fertilizers, it leads to earlier harvests, healthy plants and gives you the taste and quality of active ingredients that you appreciate.
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