GHE - GO Diamond Black
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GHE - GO Diamond Black

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GHE - GO Diamond Black 1 L
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GHE - GO Diamond Black 0.5 L
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GHE Diamond Black is a humic acid extracted from wood. Thanks to this new process and selected raw materials, Diamond Black is free of unwanted residues that may damage the plant.

Diamond Black contains a high proportion of pure ligno-humates. Humates are organic ingredients that have a positive impact on plant and soil in many ways.
For example, Diamond Black can support the plants nutrient absorption, improve microbic ground activities and the soil in general and even be used as compost accelerator.
Diamond Black can be applied both on soil and as a foliar fertilizer.

The General Organics (GO) series by General Hydroponics Europe (GHE) was created to meet the high demands of biological plant growing needs. The GO line has been sold very successful in America since 2008.
The products of the GO series have been developed to optimally complement each other. At the same time, they are intended to provide maximum freedom to the gardener to discover his or her own combinations.
Therefore GHE offers a variety of different products with the GO series which allow the grower to create an unique fertilization concept according to his or her own plans and the individual needs of the plants.

  • GHE GO Diamond Black humic acid
  • Improves fertilizer consumption
  • Improves the soil
  • Serves as composting accelerator
  • Application on soil: 4 ml / L
  • Application as a foliar fertilizer: 2.5 ml / L
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