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Green Buzz Humic Acid Plus, 1 liter

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Green Buzz Humic Acid Plus, 1 liter
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Breeding, Flowering period, Growth period
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Green Buzz Liquids
Coir substrate, Hydroculture, Rock wool, Soil
Soil activator
Active agent:
Effective microorganisms , Humic acid
Green Buzz Liquids Soil activator Propagation of cuttings Em Fertiliser Effective microorganisms  Indoor growing Humic acid Professional plant breeding Soil enhancement


Green Buzz - Humic Acid Plus is a soil activator that greatly improves the soil and substrate texture

. Humic acids are dissolved huminates derived from decaying plant materials. The manufacturer filters these humic acids 5 times in order to ensure the highest possible quality.

What is the effect of Humic Acid Plus?
  • Humic Acid Plus improves the soil texture of the selected medium, whether soil, coco, rockwool or expanded clay pellets
    This leads to an increased absorption rate of the substrate. The nutrient solution can be absorbed more readily from the activated substrate and will be delivered directly to the roots.
  • It contains effective microorganisms, which provide a healthy and highly improved soil microflora.
  • It strengthens the plant's own cell stability and promotes the biomass production of the plants. The plant lignifies much faster and can carry more weight. Humic Acid Plus helps enlarge the leaf surfaces, which in turn increases the photosynthesis and thus the energy production of the plant.
  • Seeds germinate better and faster when they are soaked in the corresponding undiluted amount of humic acid for 1 - 2 hours before they are brought out.


Humic acid -Plus contains only natural humic acids and effective microorganisms, therefore it is 100% organic.
A slight smell of sulfur (a smell of rotten eggs) is normal. This odour does not affect the quality or durability of the product.

Application and dosage:
  • Before each use, shake well
  • Green Buzz Humic Acid Plus can be applied all throughout the life cycle phase of a plant in all growing media.
  • For seedlings and cuttings: 5 ml per liter of water. Soak all growing media well in the solution before planting the seedlings / cuttings. Remove excess water afterwards. Gently squeeze rockwool after soaking so that the excess water can be drained. Can be used with all other cloning gels and powders, as well as other nutrients.
  • For all other phases of life : 1-2 ml per 1 liter of water
    Since Humic Acid Plus is an organic fertilising agent, it can be used safely without any eutrophication or over-saturation during each watering.


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