Gronest-Grow Bag - various sizes
Gronest-Grow Bag - various sizes #0

Gronest-Grow Bag - various sizes

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19 liters
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15 liters
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11 liters
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8 liters
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4 liters
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2 liters
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Environmentally friendly fabric pots made from recycled PET-bottles.

With traditional plastic pots, the plant's roots will reach the edge of the container and be forced to circle the container in search of a friendlier environment.
As these roots circle, minimal lateral branching will occur resulting in poor nutrient uptake and cause the roots to quickly become root bound.
What makes the Gronest so unique is when the plant roots reach the container's edge its root tips are trapped by the porous fabric and when these root tips meet the air on the outside of the pot, they are naturally pruned.
This pruning process forces lateral branching of desired fibrous feeder roots. These fibrous roots are more productive in the uptake of water and nutrients, resulting in a healthier, more robust plant that utilizes the entire root zone for optimum plant growth.

Gronest's porous fabric allows air to enter the root zone from all surfaces of the container. This aeration provides a healthy environment for the roots as well as supports beneficial microorganisms and bacteria.
Roots stay cooler during hot weather.
Plants need repotting less often.
Perfect for aquatic and hydroponic gardening.
Technical details:
  • Material: Geotextile
  • Color:: Black
  • Volume: --(missing: volumen)--
  • Base area: --(missing: grundfläche)--
  • Height: --(missing: höhe)--
  • Washable and bio-degradable
  • Double stitched for added durability
  • Frost proof
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Biodegradable potGrow bagGrow bagPlanting bag
Biodegradable gronest Grow bags Bio-pots Planting bag Grow bag Grow bags

Super Verarbeitung- 1A-Qualität (15 liters)

5 of 5 stars
by Smilla Gartenliebe on 5/12/15

Ich kannte die Marke Gronest nicht und habe mir einfach mal auf Probe ein 15 Liter-Exemplar bestellt. Das Ergebnis hat mich total überrascht, denn dieser Plant Bag ist überraschend hochwertig verarbeitet: Doppelte Lage Stoff, saubere und stabile Nähte - ich bin total begeistert!! Einziger 'Mangel': die Griffe sind etwas klein dimensioniert, aber trotzdem 5 Sternchen für dieses tolle Produkt. Bin gespannt wie es sich bei Benutzung bewährt.

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