Prima Klima Industry Line Filter - various sizes
Prima Klima Industry Line Filter - various sizes #0

Prima Klima Industry Line Filter - various sizes

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160 mm - 1150 m³/h
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315 mm - 4700 m³/h
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315 mm - 3600 m³/h
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315 mm - 2700 m³/h
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250 mm - 1800 m³/h
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200 mm - 1650 m³/h
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200 mm - 1090 m³/h
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125 mm - 460 m³/h
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100 mm - 280 m³/h
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125 mm - 280 m³/h
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The Industry Line by Prima Klima is designed for professional use. These high quality filters have numerous improvements over traditional activated carbon filters.

For the Industry Line, a special compressing technique of the activated carbon contained within the filter has been invented. This makes for a denser filling, less coal dust and a considerably longer service life.
Thanks to this strong compression, improved premium pre filters and integrated hanging hooks, the industry line by Prima Klima is one of the best performing, most enduring and overall best quality filter solutions on the market.

Prima Klima is a european manufacturer of high quality grow articles. Prima Klima was founded in Bretten in Germany in 1995 and nowadays produces and distributes its own products from the Czech Republic.
Besides the popular charcoal filters of the Eco and the Industry Line, PrimaKlima also offers a wide range of exhaust fans with the ventilators of the Blue Line as well as numerous temperature-controlled models.
But they are also well known as a manufacturer of high-quality reflectors, for example as a European licensee of the legendary Adjust A Wings reflectors. The self-developed reflectors and ballasts are also among the quality models available on the market.

PrimaKlima Industry Line filters tolerate an air temperature of up to 70° C. The maximum humidity must not exceed 85%.
The service life of the filter is strongly dependent on the required cleaning performance. Heavily contaminated exhaust air with many particles as well as factors such as a continuously high humidity reduce the lifetime of an activated carbon filter greatly.
Depending on the load, the maximum life time of a Prima Klima Industry Line Filter can be up to 24 months.
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Hält was er verspricht (125 mm - 280 m³/h)

5 of 5 stars
by Deadmanshand on 3/15/17

Hallo, also zu dem AKF Prima Klima Industrie Line 125/240m³/h Ich habe ihn verbaut und kann nur sagen Top ab der ersten Sekunde ist der Penetrante muffige Geruch von nassen Lehmwänden meiner Räumlichkeiten verschwunden. Preis ist auch angemessen.

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