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Root Pouch grey with handle 250gr/m² - various sizes

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Root Pouch grey with handle 250gr/m² - various sizes
Root Pouch grey with handle 250gr/m² - various sizes #0
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Root Pouch
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The grey Root Pouches with a material thickness of 250gr/m² are almost the most stable biodegradable Root Pouches. With a biodegration time of three to four years, they are well suited for mass-production.

These extremely robust Root Pouches are quick and easy to move thanks to their carrying handles and unite the numerous advantages of the Root Pouch with the stability of classical plastic pots. Suitable for almost all scenarios.

Root Pouches are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic pots. In comparisson with conventional pots, Root Pouches offer two unique advantages:
- Root Pouches are made from recycled natural fibers and plastic bottles. No new raw materials are being wasted in the production of the Root Pouches, an invaluable advantage in the age of diminishing natural resources.
- Root Pouches are biodegradable. Depending on the thickness of the material, a Root Pouch can be completely naturally degraded after one to five years. Thanks to this, it is possible to replant plants straightforward. Of course Root Pouches are otherwise also reusable several times.

In addition to the significant environmental aspect, Root Pouches also have concrete direct benefits in comparison with plastic pots. Thanks to the breathable structure of the root pouches, the aeration of the medium in the Root Pouch is significantly improved.
Also, waterlogging and related harmful minerals accumulations are virtually impossible with Root Pouches. At the same time, the porous structure of the root pouches serves as an additional water storage, thus ensuring a uniform moistening of the entire pot.
Another advantage lies in the structure of the Root Pouch material. Unlike smooth plastic pots, the root tips are caught in the fine grain of the Root Pouch. As a result, the plant produces additional root branches which finally leads to a denser and more efficient root system.

The combination of these benefits make the Root Pouches an excellent choice for environmentally conscious gardeners with high expectations concerning the health and yield of their plants.


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