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HOMEbox Evolution Q120 Kit HPS-MH Standard

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HOMEbox Evolution Q120 Kit HPS-MH Standard
HOMEbox Evolution Q120 Kit HPS-MH Standard #0
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Base area:
120 x 120 cm
MH Box
Standard Grow Box
Homebox set with lighting and exhaust Indoor growing Indoor plant cultivation Plant breeding


The Q120 tent is the successor of the well-known HOMEbox XL classic. The HOMEbox Q120 with its 120 x 120 x 200 cm is targeted clearly at advanced gardeners with high expectations and plenty of space.

High pressure sodium lamps (HPS) and metal halide lamps (MH) have been the worldwide standard for grow rooms for many years. HPS and MH lamps offer extreme light output, thus ensuring exceptional plant growth. HPS bulbs have a reddish spectrum which is required by plants during the bloom phase while MH bulbs with their bluish spectrum are an optimal choice for the growth phase. Meanwhile, there are also lamps with mixed spectra that are well suited for both plant phases. HPS and MH bulbs are only limitedly suitable for smaller grow tents as their large heat generation can quickly lead to high temperatures which can damage the plants.
HPS and MH bulbs require a matching ballast of the same wattage for operation.

The Standard versions of our kits are designed for both beginners and experienced growers alike. The standard kits contain all the components for a successful grow. The ideal kits for all gardeners who want a complete package and simultaneously put emphasis on flexibility and quality.

This kit contains a complete, fitting lighting and air-exhaust solution for the included grow tent. This gives you a perfectly adjusted equipment for your home grow.

Matching accessories such as fertilizers, medias, pots, pH and EC Meters can be found below in the section Accessories.

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GIB Lighting Growth Spectre MH 600W
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HOMEbox Evolution Q120 PAR+
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Sylvania HPS-TS 600 Watt
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29.95 € *
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