Sooner or later all good things must come to an end. We recommend using one of our ashtrays made of synthetic resin, glass, metal and other popular fireproof materials.
Fire Flow Clipper Ashtray
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RAW Glass Table Ashtray
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G-Rollz Cheech & Chong Ashtray
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RAW Metal Ashtray gold
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RAW Glass Ashtray
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The Bulldog Ashtray
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Glass Ashtray / Rolling Tray "Strains"
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Metal travel ashtray
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RAW Joint Ash Catcher
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Metal Ashtray
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Glass ashtray "Chameleon" - shatter-resistent
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RAW Pocket Ashtray
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Every cigarette, cigar, pipe comes to an end. This is the hour of the ashtray. Alongside the classic round ash dishes there are more elaborate kinds of ashtrays. For example spinning ashtrays which rotate the ashes out of sight.

Simple ashtrays

The most basic type of ashtray consists of a simple but sturdy glass bowl which features several holes or recesses in its wall, allowing the temporary storage of cigarettes or cigars. This is not as easily accomplished as it seems, as the thickness of the recesses determines whether an ash tray is suitable for cigars, cigarettes, blunts or all of them. Most ashtrays therefore feature a mix of differently sized holes and might have two recesses meant for cigarettes and one for cigars. The number of recesses of course also depends on the overall size of the ashtray.

Push down ashtrays

A large proportion of the odours caused by cold ashes and cigarette butts can be avoided, if the tobacco residue and cigarette butts are immediately disposed of. Since the disposal of still warm or glowing ash in the trash is dangerous, and flushing it all down the toilet is ecologically highly questionable, resourceful people have developed the push down ashtray with rotary plate. If you press down onto the rotary plate at the top, the residues of your smokes disappear inside the ashtray and do not release any more odours to the outside. Tip: this effect can be enhanced if the interior of the ashtray is cleaned regularly or at least kept moist.

Smokeless ashtrays

Ashtrays with built ventilation and activated carbon filtration take this concept one step further. In such ashtrays smoke and other odours are extracted directly when they occur and they are no longer released to the environment. This is especially handy in small and enclosed spaces such as inside a motor vehicle. Many of these ashtrays even have adapters for connection to the cigarette lighter, but most of them can also be powered by batteries if required. Do not forget that activated carbon has a limited capacity and must be replaced regularly in order for the ashtray to maintain its full filtration capacity.
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