The most classic of all cigarette smokers questions: Got a light? In this category, you are guaranteed to find the right answer. Lighters are absolutely essential - without your trusty pocket dragon, you'll be going nowhere. Here we offer a large selection of lighters of all kinds, from classic Clipper lighters to small gas torches or lighting wicks made from hemp fiber.
h&n Clipper Pipe Lighter
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Clipper Hemp Rock
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Unilite Hyper Torch lighter
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Clipper Crystal Gradient
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Clipper Leopard
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Clipper Metallic Gradient
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Clipper Soft Touch All Black
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Spare Flint System for Clipper
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Spare Flint for Clipper 9x
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Clipper Triple Gradient
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RAW Hemp Wick 3m
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Clipper Propaganja
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Lighters are the right object to get things started. Most people get their lighters at parties or in bars. It's generally not considered theft. But have you ever wondered where the lighters come from? Rumor has it that sometimes somewhere, in a highly secret spot probably, some people actually buy lighters. If you want to try this for yourself you've come to the right place.

The lighter - what it once was

Nowadays, when you are patting the pockets of your trousers looking for a lighter, you probably aren't aware of what a lighter was in former times, and that it wouldn't have fitted into any of your trousers: a lighter was by no means a handy small part, but rather a sophisticated range of various tools to generate fire. Whether by striking flints or by using wooden sticks and cinder, what is now one compact lighter was significantly larger, heavier and bulkier than any of today's tiny pocket dragons. So even if you lug around a bulky gas lighter, you're still much better off than the smokers in the olden days were.

Lighters: Operating principle

However, one thing still remains the same: to produce a flame, you first need a spark. Modern mechanical lighters achieve this through the friction that is produced by twisting a flint which is usually made of cerium. The released lighter gas is then ignited by the spark. Electric lighters use a so-called piezo igniter. It works like this: A compressed spring hits a piezoelectric crystal, which then strikes a spark, which leads to an ignition of the lighter gas. Some smokers might have experience with the fact that this principle also works on humans - but although the discharge of the piezo crystal can be unpleasant, you don't have to fear serious injuries or even spontaneous combustion because of the low applied current.

Fuel for lighters

A flame needs energy. Whence that mysterious energy comes depends entirely on the resources of the lighter. Most common are probably simple gas lighters with a flint (see above), which are sometimes even refillable (in theory, this often fails because of the bad quality of the refill nozzle). Also very comfortable - albeit increasingly rare to be found - are petrol lighters with fuel tank. In the past, those rather heavyweight tools were almost a status symbol, but petrol lighters are becoming increasingly rare. This might have to do with the requirement of regular refilling, the necessary change of flints - but maybe also with the slight alteration of the taste of your tobacco during the first puffs.
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