Metal Pipes

Metal pipes are extremely portable and durable. Pipes made of metal, aluminium or brass additionally convince through their cooling effect. They aren't too expensive, but if kept in good shape they last virtually forever, and due to their material properties they cool the smoke..
One Hitter Pocket Pipe
{"list_position":12,"systype":"article","name":"One Hitter Pocket Pipe","id":"12965","list_name":"tree-3180"}
Twister Spring Pipe S
{"list_position":13,"systype":"article","name":"Twister Spring Pipe S","id":"12947","list_name":"tree-3180"}
Zeppelin Pipe
{"list_position":14,"systype":"article","name":"Zeppelin Pipe","id":"12945","list_name":"tree-3180"}
Colourful Screw Pipe
{"list_position":15,"systype":"article","name":"Colourful Screw Pipe","id":"12941","list_name":"tree-3180"}
Metal Pipe Magnetic JOPI in Case
{"list_position":16,"systype":"article","name":"Metal Pipe Magnetic JOPI in Case","id":"12940","list_name":"tree-3180"}
Aluminium & Glass Pipe
{"list_position":17,"systype":"article","name":"Aluminium & Glass Pipe","id":"12922","list_name":"tree-3180"}
Pipe with Carbon Filter Adapter
{"list_position":18,"systype":"article","name":"Pipe with Carbon Filter Adapter","id":"12885","list_name":"tree-3180"}
GlowKawumm Handpipe
{"list_position":19,"systype":"article","name":"GlowKawumm Handpipe","id":"12884","list_name":"tree-3180"}
Royal Filter for Screen Queen / Prince
{"list_position":20,"systype":"article","name":"Royal Filter for Screen Queen / Prince","id":"12883","list_name":"tree-3180"}
V12 Twisty Quartz Blunt - quartz glass pipe
{"list_position":21,"systype":"article","name":"V12 Twisty Quartz Blunt - quartz glass pipe","id":"12592","list_name":"tree-3180"}
Share The Pipe 3 - Chrome
{"list_position":22,"systype":"article","name":"Share The Pipe 3 - Chrome","id":"12533","list_name":"tree-3180"}
Hammer Metal Pipe with glass inlay silver
{"list_position":23,"systype":"article","name":"Hammer Metal Pipe with glass inlay silver","id":"12368","list_name":"tree-3180"}
A good pipe made of anodised aluminum, durable stainless steel or elegant brass is among the absolutely indispensable smoking paraphernalia, and is very durable and transportable in every pocket.

The Budbomb and Skeleton pipes are among the best known metal pipes.
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