Tobacco Bags & Rolling Pouches

Bags, cases and tobacco pouches. For a snug storage of papers, tobacco, pipes and other paraphernalia - great if you like carrying your stuff around.
If you're shopping for tobacco pouches, there's not much to observe - you can basically choose the one you find most appealing. The classic tobacco pouches are made of leather, but there are as well some bags made from nylon, ramie or fabric. In addition, various sizes are available. Since rolling tobacco is sold in differently sized packages, it is advisable to test or measure which tobacco pouch or which rolling bag is best for the particular purpose and your particular brand of rolling tobacco.

For pipe smokers the dimensions are particularly important, as only a perfectly fitting bag will make sure that the pipe is kept snug and secure. There are even some padded tobacco pouches which are very well suited for transporting glass pipes.
Some of the larger rolling bags provide space for a flat grinder and lighters or have a hidden secret compartment. Some padded tobacco pouches are even available in sizes that allow to carry other things like cellphones or digital scales. Thus, a well-chosen rolling bag can replace your purse and sits perfectly in your bag or backpack.
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