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h&n Clipper Pipe Lighter

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Colour and motives vary.

This lighter is extremely popular among pipe and bong smokers because of its 2 functions which distinguish it from all other lighters.

Function 1:
The flame becomes larger if you bend the lighter downward. A pleasant side effect for pipe smokers.

Function 2:
The removable ignition pin is suitable for tampering rolled cigarettes.
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1.59 €
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Operation with:
Butane gas
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Classic lighter

4 of 5 stars
by Acidbug on 4/29/14

These lighters are really handy when it comes to starting bowls. It's also refillable and the Stones can be replaced too.

Good, Sturdy, Reliable Clipper...

5 of 5 stars
by Mr_Heathen on 10/4/15

Does everything a lighter should... Well designed, reliable, refillable, with a handy, detachable rod which slides out of the top of the lighter, facilitating the replacement of a worn out flint (also useful for a couple of other things). My only criticism, is that there is no way to manually adjust the size of the flame, which is quite a bit too large & hot for heating salts & crystals in a glass pipe... Meaning that unless you hold the lighter at some considerable distance away (tricky, at best), they are quite likely to burn, rather than vape. As this lighter is mainly advertised for lighting bongs etc. it still gets the full five stars from me. The size of the flame meaning it is brilliantly suited for this purpose. Add to that fact the excellent price & you have a solid little winner. Great stuff!


5 of 5 stars
by Weed love on 10/1/16

Loving mine to light up the hemp wick!


5 of 5 stars
by barrab93 on 12/7/13

best lighters on the market made better by the logo thanks

Totally worth the price

5 of 5 stars
by Kristo on 2/13/16

Got two of these, really nice looking and convenient. Every smoker should have one of these!

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