Hookah & Narguile

Here you'll find our affordable selection of water pipes in various sizes and shapes. Oriental hookahs of quality for every budget, suitable for beginners up to professional hookah smokers.
DUD Hookah Erg Chebbi 56cm
Reduced price
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DUD Shisha 'The Wall'
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Pumpkin Hookah  24cm
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RA Shisha/Bong with case
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RA Waterpipe Double Perc
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RA Shishabong Honeycomb
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'RA' Shisha Dunyazad
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'RA' Shisha Jafar
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Shisha Zumurrud
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Shisha Junior green flame
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Shisha Morgiana 65cm
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Kaya Premium Nargile PNX 660 Frosted Deep Water
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Anyone looking for a hookah that comes as close as possible to the narguiles you smoked on your last trip is just right in this category! Each hookah already includes the most important equipment: hose, suitable gasket rings, charcoal pliers, ash plate and suitable coal screens. All accessories are located directly in the box - you'll only have to take care of tobacco and coal to start smoking!.
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