Since May 2017 the distribution of traditional blunts is unfortunately forbidden by law. Manufacturers and suppliers are currently working on a solution and we hope to meet your demand again very soon. Thanks for your patience!
Blunts are for the gourmets among smokers. Blunts are used as a substitute for cigarette papers and are available in various flavors. We offer brands like Cyclone Blunts, Juicy Jay's Blunts, Platinum Wraps, Double Blunts and many more. As one cigar smoker from Cuba said: "I don't smoke cigarettes.. .who want's to smoke something wrapped in paper?" In fact, more and more smokers prefer using real tobacco leaves instead of regular cigarette papers to roll their cigarettes. They enjoy the added tobacco flavor of these natural leaves.

Blunts - originally cut up Cigars

Before the preproduced blunts came on the market, smokers had to find a workaround, so they resorted to regular cigars, which they cut up and filled anew with their favorite tobacco mix. It's obvious that this is very cumbersome and there remains a lot of discard, making this matter a little expensive.

Now there are ready-to-use blunts available, usually 1 to 3 single items in one package and aroma-proof wrapped. Moreover, these precut leaves have a higher content of moisture and are much easier to roll than the dry and brittle cigar leaves.

Diversity through added aroma - flavored Blunts

Very popular are blunts that do not only promise that typical tobacco taste but have an added sweet fruity flavor. There is a huge range to choose from, for example fruits like apple, raspberry, cherry, or banana. Other rather unusual flavors include coffee or cognac, with the consumption of both being often associated with cigarette smoking.
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