Cigarette Rolling Machines

Cigarette rolling machines are the perfect aid for smokers who are not yet that proficient in rolling their own, or who prefer doing things the easy way.
Machine-aided rolling is simply more convenient. Pre-rolling for the night's party, one-handed rolling while standing in the tram, semi-industrial production on your coffee table at home: For all these applications, a rolling machine is highly recommended.
Zen rolling machine 110 mm
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RAW Cone Loader
{"list_position":1,"systype":"article","name":"RAW Cone Loader","id":"12073","list_name":"tree-3251"}
RAW 110mm Rolling Machine Slim + Regular
Hot stuff
{"list_position":2,"systype":"article","name":"RAW 110mm Rolling Machine Slim + Regular","id":"11410","list_name":"tree-3251"}
Rollmate - Cone Rolling made easy
{"list_position":3,"systype":"article","name":"Rollmate - Cone Rolling made easy","id":"03995","list_name":"tree-3251"}
RAW Six Shooter KingSize Cones
{"list_position":4,"systype":"article","name":"RAW Six Shooter KingSize Cones","id":"14246","list_name":"tree-3251"}
RAW Cone Shooter
{"list_position":5,"systype":"article","name":"RAW Cone Shooter","id":"MA-Dreh-03","list_name":"tree-3251"}
RAW Rolling Machine 70 / 79 / 110mm
{"list_position":6,"systype":"article","name":"RAW Rolling Machine 70 / 79 / 110mm","id":"MA-Dreh-01","list_name":"tree-3251"}
RAW Supernatural Roller + Papers 12 inch
{"list_position":7,"systype":"article","name":"RAW Supernatural Roller + Papers 12 inch","id":"14135","list_name":"tree-3251"}
Cone Artist - the Rolling Helper
{"list_position":8,"systype":"article","name":"Cone Artist - the Rolling Helper","id":"10074","list_name":"tree-3251"}
RAW Automatic Roll Box Kingsize
{"list_position":9,"systype":"article","name":"RAW Automatic Roll Box Kingsize","id":"14640","list_name":"tree-3251"}
OCB Poacher Rolling Machine
{"list_position":10,"systype":"article","name":"OCB Poacher Rolling Machine","id":"02489","list_name":"tree-3251"}
Smoking Metal Rolling Machine
{"list_position":11,"systype":"article","name":"Smoking Metal Rolling Machine","id":"MA-Dreh-07","list_name":"tree-3251"}
Rolling machines and various rolling helpers facilitate the rolling of the perfect cigarette and are therefore particularly suitable for beginners and your own private cigarette conveyor belt.

Machine-rolled cigarettes

Rolling machines for rolling cigarettes are of considerable help, especially for beginners and casual rollers, when it comes to providing home-rolled quality that doesn't only smoke well, but also looks nice. Rolling by hand is not for everyone and requires a higher level of exercise that can be a bit frustrating to obtain at times. Tobacco rolling machines, however, can be operated after a short time and always deliver fine and reliable results.

Rolling machines for large sizes

If you like to roll extra long papers, you don't have to miss out on using a rolling machine. Even for Kingsize and Long papers with 110mm length, there are special cigarette rolling machines. They might be a little trickier to use than the machines for normal cigarette papers, but with a little practice, you'll be off and rolling in no time!
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