Cigarette filters

Cigarette filters are usually made of cotton or hemp and filter a certain percentage of the tar and pollutants from the smoke. They are similar to the versions used in regular, pre-fabricated cigarettes.
Smoking Cigarette Filter - Blue Slim 120 pieces
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OCB Cigarette Filter - Slim 120 pieces
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Elements Super Slim Filters
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Zen Cigarette Filter - Slim 200 pieces
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David Ross Filter Slim
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OCB Cigarette Filters - X-PERT Extra Slim 150 pcs.
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GIZEH Slim Filter Menthol
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The filter also prevents tobacco crumbs from getting into the mouth and gives more stability to the home-rolled cigarette. This is partly due to the fact that moisture dissolves filterless cigarettes very quickly - a filter effectively counteracts this. On the other hand, this makes it easier to hold the cigarette butt.
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