The original Cones and J-Ware Cones. Cones are pre-rolled papers in conical shapes - simply fill them up and enjoy, no rolling required.
J-Ware Cones
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RAW waterproof cone filler
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The Bulldog King Size Cones 3pcs
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J-Ware Cones with Conemaker
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Greengo Cones unbleached
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OCB Cones Slim  unbleached
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RAW Cone Loader
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Cones Kingsize
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RAW Cones
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J-Ware Cones unbleached
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RAW Six Shooter KingSize Cones
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Cones Super Sized - 1 cone
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Pre rolled cones are cigarette papers for those who have no desire, no time or no talent for rolling their blunts or cigarettes themselves - if you don't enjoy rolling cigarettes and don't want to use a rolling machine, then cones are just the perfect product for you. You only need to fill those empty cigarette tubes with your favorite tobacco and pack it with a pipe poker, a pencil for example. Cones come in a lot of different sizes, up to really huge papers.

Cones - the easy way to roll

Ready-to-fill cones are the ideal solution for a quick smoke without fuss and without papers, and not only for beginners. Even experienced smokers gladly rely on the sleek conical papers and use them as a pleasant enrichment to conventional cigarette paper. The wide range of flavoured Cones also has friends among lovers of exotic and sweet flavours, and is a welcome addition to regular flavoured cigarette paper or blunts.

Filling Cones - how does that work?

Cones are made of pre-rolled cigarette papers and equipped with a cardboard filter at the bottom. The slightly conical shape of the paper provides a funnel for filling, so to speak. The drier the tobacco, the easier the filling, because the already loose material can be more readily compressed. For this purpose, many cones come with a little stick or stodger, which provides valuable assistance in this process. If the cone is sufficiently filled and stuffed, briefly hold the cone with two fingers at the top of the filling, mix its contents gently and carefully and you're ready to go with your instant toke.
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