Smoking Papers

Smoking Rolling Papers, made from natural ingredients. Different weights and formats, from 1 1/4 to king size rolling papers. Smoking Papers also have the reliable coating of gum arabic.
Smoking Thinnest Brown Kingsize
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Smoking Thinnest Brown Kingsize + Tips
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Smoking Deluxe King Size
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Smoking Rolls Thinnest Red
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Smoking Rolls Thinnest Brown
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Smoking Slim Gold King Size Papers
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Smoking Thinnest Papers + Tips KingSize
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Smoking Brown King Size Slim
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Smoking Red King Size Papers
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Smoking Organic Kingsize Slim Papers
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Smoking Master Regular papers
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Smoking Master King Size Slim Papers
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Smoking cigarette rolling papers

Smoking Papers are manufactured in Barcelona by Miquel y Costas and enjoy highest popularity among friends of hand-rolled cigarettes all around the Iberian Peninsula and far beyond. As with other brands of cigarette papers, Smoking Rolling Papers do not only offer standard varieties and different package sizes, but rather a whole range of products which differ from each other by size, thickness and width.

Quite notably, Smoking Papers are available in different materials as well. These range from traditional papers made of cellulose and hemp to cigarette paper made from rice and corn. Apart from the usual standard sizes in thick and thin, aficionados of Smoking can also use the ever popular Rolls. And for design lovers, Smoking offers the special edition "Kukuxumusu" in cooperation with the eponymous design office from Pamplona.

Smoking Papers: History

The foundation for today's popular Smoking rolling papers was laid in 1725 already, when the family Miquel opened their paper mill in order to produce handmade paper - but not yet for use in connection with tobacco. This branch of production did not begin until nearly 100 years later, when a process of specialization in cigarette papers began. Since then, Smoking has been manufacturing a variety of high-quality cigarette papers for a global market - and has become even more popular in the 20th century.
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