Zig Zag Papers

Zig Zag rolling paper has been a signature name for quality cigarette rolling and excellent smoking pleasure for more than 100 years.

Zig Zag rolling papers and smoking accessories

Among other manufacturers, Zig Zag is one of the classic French varieties of cigarette paper which proudly invoke a century-long tradition. Already in 1879, the precursor manufactory was founded in Paris, specialising in suitable rolling paper for people who liked to create their own cigarettes. Only 20 years later - in 1894 - the owners Maurice and Jacques Braunstein developed a hitherto unknown packaging system for their papers. The system of nested cigarette papers which stabilising themselves within the package and can be pulled out individually easily, was modeled on an ancient shaping pattern, the zigzag pattern and the very name Zig Zag was born.

Zig Zag - the logo

Zig Zag cigarette paper are immediately recognizable by the eye-catching logo. At first it seems reminiscent of a sailor, but it actually represents a Zouave soldier whose tobacco pipe has been shot to pieces during a battle of the Crimean War. In desperation and in search of a suitable replacement, he finally decided to tear shreds of his powder bag and wrap his tobacco in it to be able to smoke it. Residues of black powder on cigarette paper seemed to have been no problem for some reason. Or the soldiers of old were more accustomed to the funny side effects when smoking gunpowder flavoured papers.
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