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For the first time there are basically two forms of a normal bong: With belly or without. Meanwhile these are extended more or less meaningfully by different special forms such as multibellied bongs or multi-chamber bongs. In the following we explain the advantages and disadvantages of the two main types and briefly go into the most relevant special forms.

Bong with belly

bong sphere
  • Bongs with belly have the advantage over tubular bongs of a larger amount of water. More water means more cooling at the same time. Therefore bellybongs are especially suitable for smokers who want the coolest possible smoke.
  • bellied bongs have a low centre of gravity. Due to the large water tank in the lower area of the bong, they are particularly stable.
  • Bongs with belly are more voluminous. As described above, this has advantages, but can also be a problem, for example when storage space is limited.
  • Bongs with belly are more difficult to clean. While a tubular bong can be cleaned relatively easily with a brush, this can easily become a problem especially with bongs with a thick belly.


bong straight
  • Tubebongs are easy to clean. Brush clean, once pulled through and the dirt is history.
  • Tubebongs are the standard. Everybody knows them, everybody can handle them, they are easy to stow away and there are countless variations.
  • Tubebongs are rather unstable. Particularly large models with 50cm and more become slightly top-heavy, which can easily lead to premature death of the pipe in the case of glass bongs.
  • Tube bongs are a bit boring. Precisely because they are the standard and everyone has already seen or possessed one, tube bongs in 08/15 design are rather not suitable for prestige objects.

Special shapes

bong special
  • Multi-bellied bong: It is similar to the normal built-in bong, with special attention to the complicated cleaning. By the additional bellies the cooling performance is sometimes somewhat improved. Mainly optically a profit.
  • Double and multi-chamber bongs: Depending on the design, they roughly correspond to the type of belly or tube bong. Double-chamber bongs are usually difficult to clean, but offer a considerable increase in cooling due to the additional water tank and are also optically out of the frame.
  • Special shapes: There are a number of bongs that cannot be pressed into the above format, such as joystick-shaped bongs or special models from well-known manufacturers such as Bam Bam Bhole. Unfortunately we can't go into every single piece here, but most of them have in common that they can hardly be cleaned by sharp angles and the like. They are more an object for collectors than a water pipe.
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