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The most important accessories of a bong are of course the two main elements that make it smokable: Bong and Shillum. While we will focus on the chillum in the next section, we are first interested in the choice of the right head.

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Heads come in countless different shapes, sizes, materials and colours. While the latter is a question of personal taste, the first three are well worth a deeper look.
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The shape

  • The shot head: This head can be operated without a sieve. It is mostly rather small and easily suitable for beginners. Flooding heads are probably the most popular bong heads at all.
  • The funnel bowl: Similar in shape to a flood head, but usually considerably larger. Funnel heads start wide and also make the same. The tapered shape accelerates the smoke and forces it directly through the water. A popular alternative for experienced smokers. Requires a sieve.
  • The cylinder head: Cylinder heads are the endurance athletes among the heads with an elongated and even shape. Especially larger heads can usually be smoked for a very long time. More suitable for experienced smokers. Requires a sieve.
  • Special shapes: in addition to the three standard shapes, there are also special shapes such as the bubble or the pyramid head. In their function they usually resemble one of the three presented main types, but differ optically and by smaller advantages and disadvantages. If you are not satisfied with the standard heads or if you are looking for an optical loosening, you can easily choose one of these variants.

The size

  • The size of the little head should fit to the respective bong. Who has decided for a small bong and chooses an oversized head will quickly notice that the smoke gets too hot or the head cools down before it is fully pulled through. On the other hand, the operation of a small flood head with a 2 litre bong is limited because the head is pulled through before the bong is fully filled.
  • Small heads are more suitable for individuals. Especially the flutschkopf is suitable as a portion size for a deep draft. For larger smoke groups a smaller head is rather unsuitable because it has to be replenished continuously.
  • Large heads are suitable for experienced smokers who do not want to replenish as often or several smokers at once. For such situations there are also oversized party heads.
  • Beside the suitable smoke quantity small and above all small flood heads have the advantage that the contents burn off more evenly and so little active substance gets lost or uselessly outwardly fumes off.

The Material

  • Glass: Most heads in the standard cuts of 18.8 and 14.5 mm are made of glass. In addition to the advantage of the standard cut, glass heads are tasteless, easy to clean, heat-resistant and available in all possible shapes and sizes. Disadvantages are the fragility of the material glass as well as the fact that glass heads quickly become unsightly and therefore have to be cleaned more often.
  • Metal: No matter if aluminium or another metal, these materials all have the same advantages and disadvantages. The heads are mostly screw heads for use with Aluchillums. They are virtually indestructible, available in many sizes and colours and easy to clean. Among the disadvantages are the fact that metal heads can quickly take on a certain taste of their own. Coloured heads often lose their coating quickly which can be a health risk. Also metal heads are to be operated usually only by means of an adapter at a pipe with standard grind.
  • Wood: Wooden heads are mostly screw heads. Wooden heads are often decorated and represent an optical highlight. Unfortunately wood as a material is not arbitrarily heat-resistant which can lead to discolorations and scorching. Wood is also not neutral in taste. Wooden heads usually need an adapter in order to be able to be operated on a standard grinding.
  • soapstone and ceramics: Both materials have similar advantages and disadvantages. Good cleanability and an attractive appearance are contrasted by limited taste neutrality and the risk of breakage. Most heads made of these materials are screw heads and require an adapter for standard ground bongs.
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