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Precoolers make a considerable contribution to reducing smoke sharpness as attachable accessories to the bong or occasionally as an integral part of the bong.

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One of the biggest disadvantages of a bong as a smoking device is the unwanted irritation of the smoker's neck caused by the relative sharpness of the resulting smoke. Clever brands offer therefore a multiplicity of products, which are primarily intended to make the smoke somewhat more compatible. In addition to diffusers, activated carbon systems or ice holders, precoolers are often the first choice. The bong is simply plugged into an additional chamber with a separate water filling. Pre-coolers are available in the variants suitable for the respective bong:

Precooler for Acrylics

The simplest possible variant: instead of a simple chillum, the tank is simply plugged on. The little head then sits on the pre-cooler. Cheap acrylic precoolers are a good idea, especially for expensive special bongs, because the precooler also serves as an ash and dirt trap and thus prevents the pollution of the bong itself, as well as the assumption of bad odors so typical for this type of bong.
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Precooler for glass bong

The principle of a glass bong is very similar to a precooler for acrylic pipes. However one should be careful that the glass precooler of the choice also has a, the bong corresponding, section connections. Otherwise, you accidentally order a precooler that does not fit.
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