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After the choice of the basic shape of the bong, i.e. as belly bong or as tube shape, the question of the shape of the neck arises. Basically there are two main types to distinguish, namely straight necks and curved necks. Then we will again briefly discuss special shapes and variants.

Straight Neck

bong hals

  • Straight necks are easy to clean. The fewer corners and angles a bong has, the easier it is to keep it in shape. Straight necks save time.
  • The whole bong remains visible. You can see the whole bong over a straight neck and therefore you always have a good overview of the burning behaviour of the head and the filling level of the bong.
  • Water can escape. Since you have to bend the bong slightly while smoking, a pipe filled with water can spill over the kickhole and dirty water can escape.

Curved neck

bong gebogen hals
  • Bent necks make smoking easier. The bong does not have to be angled or at least not so strongly, the sitting position is more comfortable and thus the smoking pleasure more pleasant.
  • Overview is lost. With strongly angled necks one loses easily the little head from the eyes. This can sometimes lead to unwelcome burn marks or multiple necessary lighting.
  • The cleaning becomes more complicated. Particularly with strongly angled necks as they show some Acrylbongs it is nearly no longer possible to use a brush correctly. This of course reduces the long term fun of such a bong considerably.

Special shapes

bong sonderformen
  • Multiple bended/kinked necks: Here the same applies as with bent necks, especially the cleaning becomes complicated or sometimes completely impossible. The air flow can also change significantly, making smoking more difficult.
  • Turned necks: Only optical advantages, cleaning is usually considerably more difficult.
  • Other variants: There are, of course, countless other possibilities, such as narrowing necks, attachments for shisha or other hoses, etc. What they all have in common is that cleaning is usually more difficult. However, they are visually more attractive than a normal straight neck without a doubt.
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