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Another popular alternative to the classic bong are bottle bongs. This version of the bong consists only of head and chillum and is simply attached to a bottle. Of course, this version also has advantages and disadvantages which we will explain in the following.
Bottle Bongs

Advantages of Bottle Bongs

  • Bottlebongs are easy to use. They simply have to be placed on a commercially available bottle and can then be used immediately.
  • Bottlebongs are easy to transport. Since nothing fragile has to be transported, you can take a bottle top with you everywhere in your bag or backpack if necessary.
  • Bottlebongs are very cheap. Since it is only about little material that can easily be put together, bottle bongs usually cost less than 10 euros. The bottle of course not included.

Disadvantages of Bottle Bongs

  • Bottle bongs are simple and usually not very stable. The purchase of a bottle bong should not be seen as a long-term investment. Usually the metal parts give up the spirit early by rust or break during transport.
  • Bottle bongs are not visually appealing. Even if the sight of a beer bottle can sometimes lift the mood, these vouchers cannot keep up with full bongs.
  • Bottle bongs cool suboptimally and pull rather badly. Since these essays are rather intended for festivals and the like, one should not expect the smoking comfort of a full bong.
On the whole, it remains to be said that bottle bongs are a good alternative for in between, but are not suitable as a full-fledged alternative for a real bong.
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