Bypassing drug tests

If you are suspected of having consumed a banned substance and you want to determine this by means of a drug test, good advice is expensive.

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If you are suspected of having consumed a banned substance and you want to determine this by means of a drug test, good advice is expensive.

Bypassing drug tests is hardly possible, apart from the fact that it is illegal and will be punished accordingly. If, for example, a hair analysis threatens, only one thing will help: cut hair and push the test as far back as possible. Of course, one can treat oneself with strong hair cleaners. However, the chemical components of highly concentrated shampoos are usually discovered in the hair test, which then has unpleasant consequences - not to mention the chemical stress that you add to your hair and scalp.

The manipulation of urine and blood tests is of course not quite so absurd, as you can influence your blood values by drinking a lot, going to the sauna and doing sports. However a high liquid intake is not yet a 100% guarantee for the fact that all degradation products are rinsed out of the body. Also blood-cleansing or purifying teas or juices guarantee no negative result, are however allegedly most effective. Who exaggerates it with the Ergebniskosmetik however and pours itself before the drug test water and fruit juices in the excess, which risk two things: If the urine is too watery, the test must be repeated. And if you drink too much water in too short a time, the salt balance becomes unbalanced - in the mildest case this causes muscle cramps; in the worst case sodium deficiency leads to an increase in brain pressure and unconsciousness.

On the other hand, drugs and chemical substances should be avoided at all costs. Firstly, foreign substances can be detected in both blood and urine tests and secondly, this method is harmful to health. For example, it is popular to falsify drug tests with the help of vitamin B preparations. These are to be received problem-free in each pharmacy and seem to be completely harmless in small quantities, however with overdosage skin diseases, liver damage and heart rhythm disturbances the result can be.

What is said to have helped some people is the release of false urine ( synthetic urine). However, it is very naïve and risky to try to manipulate a drug test in this way. Finally the urine must be fresh, thus still warm and usually one is observed with leaving water, so that cheating becomes very difficult. So you can also say goodbye to falsifying your urine with eye drops (which are supposed to neutralize THC) or other substances. With a wipe test however the success ratio seems to be high with the application of the Kleaner Deoright - presupposed, one perfumes the correct body part, from which then also the wipe test is taken off.

If one is requested to the drug test and was mirror consumer, there is normally no more possibility of getting out of the thing. The only possible solution in this case is to stop the consumption and postpone the test as much as possible - but only if you have a good reason to postpone the test (illness, interview), otherwise the legislator is entitled to evaluate the test as positive and to withdraw the driving license.
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