Characteristics - the parameters of a bong

Categories Characteristics - the parameters of a bong

After the choice of material, the next questions that arise when purchasing a bong are the shape and volume. In addition to the two basic variants with belly, one should also consider how to use the bong when choosing the shape. So in a more lying position the choice of a bong with a curved neck can be of great advantage. Apart from the practical aspects, shape is also determined by aesthetic preferences. The subject is discussed in more detail in the subsection. The choice of the volume is also strongly influenced by individual preferences, just like the choice of form. Do you prefer smaller draughts or do you attach importance to a particularly large smoke volume? In the subsection we devote ourselves more intensively to the subject. In addition to shape and volume, the foot of the bong represents the third important part of the purchase decision. In the subsection, we present the advantages of round and cant feet in more detail. In the remaining two sections we explain how an ice bong and a percolator bong work and what you have to consider when buying such a bong.
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