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After the choice of the right chillum head there is another decision to make: the right chillum. Besides the length which results from the choice of the bong, there are three types of chillum: normal couplings, diffusors and aluchillums. The latter we will introduce first, because they are mostly needed for acrylic bongs and often have no alternative. In the following we compare the diffusor and the clutch and discuss the respective advantages and disadvantages.

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chillum for a glasbong

Aluminium chillum

  • Aluminium chillums are mostly used for acrylic bongs. But they are also normally used for almost all other materials. The only exception here are the glass bongs which usually have a standard cut of 14.5 or 18.8 mm.
  • Aluminium chillum have a screw attachment for attaching the head. A suitable adapter is required to use a standard ground glass head.
  • Aluminium chillum are available in different colours. Unfortunately, the anodization often dissolves with time, which could be harmful to health.
  • Aluminium chillum can also be attached to standard ground bongs via adapters.
  • Aluminium chillumare are not neutral in taste.
  • Aluminium chillum are virtually indestructible and are therefore well suited for bongs that are frequently transported. They are easy to clean and maintain.
Before we start to compare the diffusor and standard coupler, a few introductory words are needed. Both Shillum versions are available with standard ground joints of 14.5 and 18.8 mm. Meanwhile there is an oversized cut of 29.2 mm. This is mainly used for bongs in the 2 litre range. For the use of a head with another cut or a screw attachment suitable adapters are needed.

Advantages of the normal coupling

  • available in all lengths. Shillums can be cut to the required length to fit any bong. Normally it will be adjusted for you when you buy it.
  • Price favourable. Standard chillers are cheaper than diffusers.
  • Cleanable without problems. There are suitable brushes, a glass shillum is thus quickly and easily restored to a pleasant taste-neutral condition. Cleaning the diffuser is more difficult because the brush cannot be pulled through completely.

Advantages of the Diffusor

  • Cooler cleaner smoke. The turbulence at the diffuser holes means that the smoke is better directed through the water, becomes cooler and more suspended particles are filtered out.
  • Prefabricated lengths. Diffusers are available in many lengths. They are industrially produced and, unlike cut shillums, are already perfectly deburred.
In conclusion, it must be said that the decision for or against the diffuser has a certain influence on smoking comfort. In the end, however, the differences are marginal.
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