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If you don't want to smoke solids with bongs, but rather use liquids or oils, then you can't start too much with conventional pipes. But don't despair, with a few extra parts you can easily upgrade your bong...or of course you can buy a suitable oil bong for dabbing.

Head for dabbing

Who tries to fill liquids into a normal bong head probably gets a very sad look immediately... finally Newton invented something like gravity. So you need a special head - often in the form of a whole dome - designed for operation with liquids.
dabbing head dome

Nails for oil and essences

As one does not ignite oils directly, one needs a nail as a substitute heat conductor as an alternative to the special head. This is in most cases simply put on. Also the nails adhere to the usual grinding sizes and can be easily adapted to other grinding sizes with the help of an appropriate adapter.
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