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A grow lamp or plant lamp provides your grow with the necessary light. Essentially, grow lamps are distinguished by their power, the type of light and the type of plant lamp. All three factors play an important role in the selection of the right light source.

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Types on Grow Lamps

As in other areas, there are also different basic types of grow lamps.
  • Ignition lamps with external ballast - mostly metal halide or sodium vapour lamps
  • Energy-saving lamps
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • LED - light emitting diodes plant lamps
Depending on the size of the Grows, all light sources are equally suitable at least for plant cultivation. However, fluorescent tubes are usually only used for growing cuttings, as the light output is somewhat lower here. Ignition lamps generally consume more electricity and are therefore more expensive to operate and also cause more waste heat, which may require climate regulation in the growroom. Energy-saving lamps and LED light sources, on the other hand, are somewhat more expensive to purchase.

Power classes of Grow Lamps

The following wattage values are common for plant breeding:
  • Lamps with 125 W
  • Grow lamps with 250W (ignition lamps)
  • Grow lamps with 400W
  • Grow lamps with 600W (ignition lamps)
In addition, there are several other power classes, such as 150W or 1000W, which are used in special cases.

Lighting type of plant lamps

A distinction is made between two basic variants:
  • Growth lamps for the vegetative phase (growth phase) with high blue content
  • flower bulb for the flowering phase with red/yellow alignment
Beware of cheap grow lamps from the DIY store! Often they don't give off the necessary light spectrum, but are just varnished to give this impression.
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