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The Growroom (also Growbox, Grow tent or Growschrank) makes it possible for inhabitants of even the smallest apartments to pursue their own plant breeding for self-sufficiency with useful plants or for the cultivation of ornamental plants. In former times the Growroom was first and foremost a self-made shack or a converted wardrobe, which of course became unpleasant when the Growroom had to be dismantled or even moved to another place. Today there are Growrooms of different sizes from different manufacturers in comfortable lightweight construction, which can be just as quickly set up and dismantled again.
growroom info

Manufacturer of Growrooms

The best known models are produced by Eastside Impex (Homebox) and Secret Jardin (Dark Room). Both variants have a plant breeding suitable equipment such as light-proof tent walls, zippers and appropriate devices to facilitate the installation of technical accessories. These include the poles on which the lighting system is mounted and the pre-installed inlets and outlets for air hoses and cables. All this makes working with the Growroom much easier and is a significant improvement over homemade cabinets. Not to mention the saving of work and time!

Pre-conceived Growroom

Especially beginners often find it difficult to equip their growroom with the right equipment. Especially when it comes to lighting technology and climate control, there are a lot of preliminary considerations to be made, not only with regard to the size of the tent, but also in terms of the extent also depends on the ratio of the components to each other. To help you here, we offer a small tool - our Growbox Configurator - to help you. With just a few clicks you will get the desired result and a suitable growroom.
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