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Oriental water pipes / Shishas are hardly imaginable without coal, tobacco, pliers and wind protection. Here you will find all the spare parts you need for your shisha, from Nakhla tobacco to coal. In most cases the accessories for the shisha are already included in the delivery, but of course there are always possibilities to "tune" the pipe, because not everything that is included in the delivery corresponds to the ideas and quality requirements of the respective buyer. Especially in the area of cleaning you often find crazy cheap articles, but they are no good. Brushes with plastic hair and a strong steel wire are always recommended. As Shisha accessories is to be mentioned:
  • Carbon tongs
  • Shisha seals
  • Shisha Carbon
  • Shisha hoses
  • Shisha Water

Double heads - mixer taps for the Shisha

The so-called pack smoking, that is the Shisha pleasure in the circle of the family or good friends, some - from the single use deviating - considerations
We have already explained this in the article on the multi-tube Shishas.
In the previous versions, however, this primarily concerned the number of hoses and, if necessary, the use of disposable mouthpieces to ensure the necessary hygiene. The fun of a session, however, is determined by other factors. For many Shisha fans, this includes the possibility not only to vote on different tobacco flavours, but also to process them into individual blends if possible. For this multiple heads are suitable prima, since one can avoid here the mixture in a head and the taste impairments caused thereby (aroma transfer of the material). Simply put each variety into a separate head and enjoy the blend through the tubes. The additional quantity resulting from the multiple filling also extends the session considerably.

Shisha Carbon Tongs

Most Shishas are now delivered with coal tongs. Mostly, however, these are the simplest, often even completely unusable pliers. If you really want to use them, you should replace them with suitable accessories. Most charcoal tongs that come with a pipe consist of a simple sheet metal strip that is pressed into a tong shape. No jag or barbs that might help to hold the charcoal in place.
One wonders if it wouldn't have made more sense if the manufacturers had omitted such tongs - then they would even have done us a favour, because this only increases the danger that you will burn holes in carpets and furniture with the help of these charcoal tongs, because the charcoal falls out of the completely useless charcoal tongs.

Shisha seals

Since the hoses of most water pipes are usually provided with mouthpieces made of wood, which often crack or deform when damp, the hose does not always fit perfectly into the opening provided for it. Rubber seals are a remedy here.
In Arab countries, newsprint is usually used instead of seals. However, this is quickly softened, so that most lovers of water pipes prefer to use special seals for their shisha. However, care should be taken to ensure that the shisha complies with the standard in force in Central Europe. Many holiday memories acquired in Turkey or Egypt "resist" the rubber seals. In principle one differentiates between 3 types of Shisha seals:

hose gasket

The gaskets are specially designed for the hose opening of the water pipe. Often the wood of the hoses softens or the metal of the smoke column bends slightly over the years and the hose no longer closes 100% and the pipe pulls worse. The rubber seals are simply clamped there and thus provide a remedy.

Pipe bowl seal

This seal is placed at the top of the smoke column directly below the pipe bowl. With good shishas they shouldn't be necessary, but with shaky heads they are a real blessing.

glass body seal

The glass body seal sits directly between the smoke column and the Shisha glass. This seal is probably the most important of those mentioned. Some pipes also offer a thread inside the glass.

Shisha coal - coal for the water pipe

The charcoal - mostly quick igniter charcoal - is a component at which no Shisha smoker should save. Fast igniter coal is produced "artificially", but burns the most tastelessly and is the most uncomplicated. Often you can also buy pressed coconut fibres. These are ecologically more sensible, but unfortunately not so tasteless. When igniting the charcoal, it makes a big difference whether you use fast igniter charcoal or classic shisha charcoal. For example, Three Kings or Instant Lite quick igniter charcoal can easily be ignited with a lighter. For classical natural coal you have to use an open fire or a propane gas burner, otherwise igniting it is a hopeless task. The shisha charcoal must be flamed well from all sides until a red glow can be seen on the entire surface of the shisha charcoal when blowing on it. Other charcoal, barbecue charcoal for example, should not be used for the shisha because it releases too much carbon dioxide and can lead to severe headaches or even poisoning symptoms.
In principle, every shisha smoker should be well informed about these two different charcoal species of a shisha, so we explain it in detail here again.
For example, there is the self-igniting shisha charcoal, which is used by most smokers and is available in a round form. It contains black powder, which is why it ignites so quickly and usually begins to sparkle and spray in contact with fire like a star-spout. In order to set the self-igniting coal on fire, a short contact of the coal with the fire of a candle or a lighter is sufficient - in order not to burn your fingers, you should fix the coal only with the specially designed coal tongs. The water pipe charcoal will soon start to glow red and can be used for shisha smoking in this state. The best known commercially available self-igniting coal species bears the name 'Three Kings'. This type of charcoal is especially recommended for beginners because of its easy handling.
On the other hand there is the possibility to use Shisha natural charcoal. This carbon mould is usually made from pressed coconut shells and is usually available in rod form, which is very easy to divide. For example, the sometimes best-known natural carbon brand is also called 'Cococha', which indicates its coconut content. However, natural coal can also be obtained from other natural materials - for example from the wood of the olive, apple or orange tree. Although it is much more difficult to ignite charcoal than black powder coal, natural charcoal is usually neutral in taste and glows for several hours. For regular, passionate connoisseurs, the question of coal does not arise at all - for most of them, natural coal is completely out of competition.

Shisha hose

Shisha hoses are often made of plastic, cotton or leather. The advantage of plastic is that it lasts longer. It is important that the wire is rust-free, otherwise the hose will taste rusty at some point. Most water pipe hoses are supplied with mouthpiece and wooden handle. Especially very noble models or original ones from Egypt have to be equipped with a wooden connecting piece or a mouthpiece.

And the water ...

Shisha water is not a real accessory, but the Shisha is not wrongly called a water pipe - you have to fill the glass container of the Shisha with water in order for it to perform its function properly. If you fill the glass bowl with water, you should make sure that only 2 to 3 cm of the smoke column are covered with water. If you now pull the shisha tube, the smoke first gets into the bowl - at this point it always bubbles because of the negative pressure - and then into the lungs. Due to the long way and the diversion through the shisha water, the smoke will now feel nice and cool when inhaled. Therefore, the tip is to always fill the bowl with cool shisha water - the colder the water, the colder the smoke. Those who value particularly cold smoke also have the option of putting ice cubes in the shisha water or placing the entire water pipe in a bucket filled with ice.
It is important that the shisha water is changed after each smoking process. When emptying the bowl you will notice that the water pipe water is quite dirty - usually it has turned green or brown. The discoloration of the shisha water can be explained by the fact that nicotine has settled in the column of smoke and flows from there into the shisha water. But not only does the smoke column have a filter function - the water also binds nicotine from the smoke when it enters the bowl. Another reason to empty your shisha water: if there is too much water in the glass jar, the water can become mildewed.
If you want to refine your shisha water, there are no limits. Although additives such as essential oils and alcohol should not taste good, it is possible to add fruit or tea bags to the shisha water. So you can considerably refine the taste of peppermint tobacco by adding peppermint tea bags to the shisha water. There is also the possibility to pour juices into the bowl. However, the shisha tobacco should absolutely be added to the juice, otherwise a tasty chaos develops. Another widespread bowl filling is milk, as this leads to smoke compression. Whatever you put in the water or use it instead of the shisha water: it is important to get the bowl clean again.
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