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Instruction for smoking a water pipe / Shisha

A shisha or water pipe is becoming more and more popular in Europe. On the one hand the comfortable sitting in relaxed rounds is substantially more pleasant than the hectic draft at a cigarette, on the other hand the many differently aromatized Shisha tobacco sorts seem enormously attractive to many smokers. However, the correct structure and correct use of a Shisha presents many beginners with problems. Here the proper preparation and use of the shisha is presented and information and instructions for the construction of the shisha itself, the filling of the tobacco head and the smoking technique are offered.

Equipment and construction of a Shisha

shisha howto 1 shisha howto 2 First you look for the column of smoke which is often divided into 2 parts - immersion tube and decorated column, screw it together, fill the glass vessel with water (5-10cm space should be left for the seal) and then put the column of smoke into the Shisha glass filled with water.
Then the water pipe plate and the tobacco head seal is placed on the column of smoke.
shisha howto 3 shisha howto 4 At the very end the tobacco head is put on. Do not press too hard otherwise this head can break quickly.
Often other parts from the accessories area are also included. Cleaning brushes or a windscreen. However, these parts are not absolutely necessary for the operation of an oriental water pipe or shisha. Finally, you only have to make sure that the hose is well seated in the seal, so that the full pulling power can be achieved. This would complete the construction of a shisha. Sometimes a Shisha also has several hose openings. Superfluous ones should be sealed with the help of paper and adhesive tape. shisha howto 5

Fill Shisha with tobacco

shisha howto 6 shisha howto 7 shisha howto 8 The most important thing to smoke the shisha is the shisha tobacco, which you can get in many specialty shops - well-known markets are e.g.
  • Al Fakher Shishatabak
  • Al Waha Shisha Tobacco
  • Nakhla Shisha Tobacco
  • Serbetli
  • Noor
  • Al Fakher
  • Sindbad
  • to refresh the tobacco, molasses & glycerin is often used.
Often you put aluminium foil on the shisha to avoid that the tobacco gets too hot and burns instead of just evaporating. Instead of aluminium foil, you can also use a Shisha carbon sieve for the shisha, which has the same purpose and does its job longer than just once. If you smoke shisha with aluminium foil, the advantage is that you can punch holes in the aluminium foil yourself and thus also determine how hot the tobacco should get and how much air gets through. In addition, the holes in sieves are often so large that ash from the charcoal falls through onto the tobacco. To smoke a Shisha you need of course in any case the appropriate tobacco. Unfortunately, the good (especially damp) shisha tobacco, which you know from your holidays, is hard to get in Germany and not at all, as the ingredients unfortunately do not always comply with German law. If the local tobacco is too dry, you can help with some glycerine. The tobacco is distributed evenly in the clay head, not too firmly and not too loosely. Then simply place the carbon sieve over it. Many sieves have serrations with which the sieve can be securely attached to the tobacco head. In any case, the tobacco is distributed evenly in the clay head, not too firmly and not too loosely. The foil is then applied or the carbon sieve is simply placed over it. Many sieves have serrations with which the sieve can be securely attached to the tobacco head.

Igniting a Shisha

Now we come to the finale - the ignition of the Shisha coal. For this one needs water pipe coal, which one ignites most simply with the help of the coal tongs. One should pay attention in any case to the fact that the coal ignites from all sides evenly, since a only partly ignited coal reaches also the tobacco only partly. The charcoal is then placed on the sieve. One of the most common mistakes is to place the charcoal under the tobacco. If you absolutely want to smoke charcoal, you should do so, but you should keep in mind that by pulling on the hose, the embers are pulled into the tobacco. That's the way it should be, not the other way round. The following structure is the right one: glowing Shisha coal -> sieve -> Shisha tobacco -> Shisha head.

The shisha smoke.

You can't really give instructions for smoking yourself. Here is the personal style (tempo) and some experience in the foreground. One should refrain from inhaling the first 1-3 puffs too deeply, because the tobacco not yet glowing, but the charcoal is. The taste is simply disgusting to say the least.

A Shisha is also not smoked in a chord, but with style and calm. A Turkish friend once said: "One train per coffee, that's enough". While smoking, already burned parts of the coal should be smoked with the help of pliers. be knocked off again and again and (more rarely) the tobacco be mixed a little bit (but for that you better do without it, though). the sieve to the head) to improve the draft and the taste.

A little bit more interesting and educational!

  • You should always place the tobacco as loosely as possible in the head of the shisha.
  • How many layers of aluminium foil you should use depends on the type of coal, normally 2-5. The Three Kings coal from our shop glows slightly hotter than other coals, so you should already use 4 or 5 layers.
  • If the tobacco is already open, you should always close it airtight afterwards. This works well with Tupperware or freezer bags, storing it in the fridge is not bad either. If you let air in, the tobacco dries out and loses its taste.
  • You can mix tobacco flavours yourself. Simply add different tobacco varieties in a reasonable mixing ratio, or even add spices.
  • You should let the smoke escape at regular intervals through the valve, otherwise it tastes quite quickly stale and stale.
  • If you want fresher and cooler smoke, you can try putting ice cubes in the glass of the water pipe/shisha or putting the shisha glass with water in the refrigerator before smoking. For those who are especially close to nature: In winter you can also use snow without any problems. But beware: Don't you take that yellow snow!
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