Should a bong have a kickhole?

Categories Should a bong have a kickhole?

Now that the shape of the bong has been determined, in the next three sections we will focus on three features that are of particular importance to most customers. The first question to which we devote ourselves is the question of the kickhole. So what speaks for or against a kickhole (aka shothole)?


  • Exact dosage. By means of a kickhole you can control exactly how much smoke penetrates into the bong. Meanwhile there are also kickholes, for example with some bongs from Magic Glass, which cause a special acceleration of the smoke due to their special shape.
  • simple application. Of course a similar effect can also be achieved with a bong without a kickhole by simply removing the head. However, there is always the danger of burns or dirt and the whole process is simply more complex than simply lifting the thumb.


  • More difficult cleaning. Some kickholes are so badly placed that they can hinder the cleaning of the bong. Also the kickhole has to be cleaned regularly to prevent the remains of the bong from sticking to the fingertip;
  • leakage. If the bong is handled awkwardly, especially with straight bongs without a bent neck, the kickhole can easily function as an involuntary emergency water drain valve. In such cases the water almost always lands on clothing or couch and leaves unpleasant smelling stains.
  • Left- vs right-handed. Some bongs have the kick holes not on the back but on the left or right. This can make smoking more difficult for a left-handed person. But even if you are used to smoking a different kickhole positioning, a different kickhole can make the change to the new bong unnecessarily uncomfortable.
Apart from these advantages and disadvantages, the final decision for or against a kickhole is always a question of personal preferences. So let yourself be guided by your own smoking habits.
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