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sieves are obligatory for most bongs and serve the purpose of securing the material - or to put it more simply: they prevent the valuable head filling from simply slipping into the water of the bong or the precooler with the first pull downwards and thus being wasted senselessly.

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But not with all pipes a bong sieve is necessary. Who has a so-called flood head, can give himself this extra confidently. A shot head is a small head with a small passage, so that the tobacco cannot simply trickle through, but only after more or less strong pulling on the bong slips down. In the ideal case this only occurs when the bowl of the bong or the contents of the head are completely annealed. This requires some practice, but is for many smokers the non-plus-ultra of the kick. A shot bowl usually has a passage of a few millimetres. If you want to be on the safe side, close the head with a piece of pressed tobacco and pull it along at the end.
For larger bowl(and this is the case with most glass bongs) sieves are however indispensable and are offered in different variants, which differ primarily by three characteristics:
  • Material
  • Insertion principle
  • Screen size

Material of bong screens

There are actually only two variants available here. Either made of steel - very durable, can often be cleaned, some smokers do not like the relatively strong taste of their own - and brass (more short-lived, because after frequent cleaning it is prone to breakage). Glass sieves that are simply placed on the head opening are relatively new on the market. Advantage: almost unlimited reusability. However, these screens take up a lot of space compared to normal screens and take up a lot of space, especially with smaller heads of the filling.
bong insert sieve

Insertion principle

Many sieves have a style that makes it much easier to pull them out of your head (be careful if you were using an extra powerful lighter before - you can easily burn your fingers), but they are rather unsuitable for bulbous bong heads because they offer too much space in case of doubt. To be on the safe side, in most cases you use round or square insert sieves (simply put into the head or stuffed). These are also thinner than hanging sieves in terms of material and can easily be cut with scissors if necessary.

Screen sizes

Sieves are usually available in the following sizes
  • 12mm
  • 15mm
  • 18mm
  • 20mm
Conclusions from the cut size to the required sieve size are unfortunately not possible. Here the manufacturers vary partly clearly. As a rule of thumb it can be considered that smaller bongs require smaller sieves. However, this is not binding and smaller pipes like to have sometimes bigger heads.
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