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The term water pipe or shisha is now used synonymously for one and the same thing. Standard water pipes are Shishas with a glass bowl for the water, a smoke column made of nickel-plated metal and a plastic hose. The forms and the colors of the water pipes vary very strongly. Some are made of glass, some of metal and mostly they consist of both raw materials. Here we show an overview of the different models, their advantages and disadvantages.

Standard water pipes and Shishas

This pipe variant has the clear advantage that one gets spare parts without problems. Glass containers or smoke columns are not standardized, but it should not be a problem to get suitable spare parts. The supply of spare parts is a big problem especially for unusual models that you might have bought in the long run. There are no suitable gaskets, glasses are not available at all and the quality often leaves much to be desired. The standard shisha is the pipe we know from the oriental cafés and which can be described without problems as a classic design. Whether you like it or not is up to you. In any case, the water pipe radiates oriental flair, or what we think it is.

Prices of the standard pipe

With this type of pipe you can say that the height of the pipe in centimeters is about the price in Euro, if you want to buy a high-quality water pipe.
30 cm pipe - incl. all superstructures - costs approx. 30 Euro. Somewhat more favorable can also be, but this formula is an approximate guideline.

Accessories for the standard whistle

The following items should be supplied with the pipe:
  • 2 brushes - a thin one for the smoke column and a thicker one for the glass
  • 1 pliers for carbon
  • 1 Draft shield
  • 1 plate, which is already fixed under the head, or better attachable to the smoke column, because it is easier to clean
  • 1 hose made of rubber or plastic
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