The Base: round or square?

Categories The Base: round or square?

Now that the last question about the actual shape and size of the bong has been asked and clarified, we come to an issue that is ignored by most bong buyers. In fact, the quality of the foot is of decisive importance for the longevity of the bong. This is especially interesting for most acrylic and aluminium bongs as the foot can usually be exchanged. In the following we will try to explain why this can be a good idea.

The foot - round vs square

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  • What are the advantages of the round foot? In addition to the even contact surface, the circle is characterised by its particular stability. In this sense, there is no weaker side where the bong could tip over easily. Especially with evenly shaped bongs, the round foot is the optimal choice for maximum stability.
  • What speaks for the square foot? The square foot, usually hexagonal, is the second common option. A hexagonal foot can be considerably more stable than a round foot, especially with unevenly shaped bongs. You should therefore carefully consider which foot shape best suits your chosen shape.
  • Besides these two standard shapes, there are other designs, such as triangular feet or belly bongs without an extra foot. Before buying a bong, consider carefully whether such a foot shape not only provides the optical quality but also the necessary stability for the intended use of the bong!

Special case plug-in foot

  • With many acrylic bongs the feet can be exchanged. Usually only relatively light plastic feet are included as standard. There are two good alternatives:
  • metal feet. These increase the stability of the mostly light acrylic bongs enormously as they provide for a deep centre of gravity concern.
  • feet made of rubber or rubber. Similar to metal, they are heavier than normal plastic feet. In addition, they are usually much more slip-resistant, which helps to prevent the bong from falling over.
  • Caution! There are these feet in different sizes, so make sure you have a foot that fits the bong you have chosen!
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